Prokalpa Upodeshta Limited
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About Us

Full Address House 3/6, Block B, Lalmatia
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone 880-2-9117689, 8111486, 9126909, 9129823
Fax 880-2-8116653
Type of Organization Private Limited Company
Date of Establishment Established as PROKALPA UPODESHTA
June, 1976
May 22, 1983
Regn. No. C – 10772 / 668 of 1982-83
Directors of the Firm Mr. Yeafesh Osman
B. Arch.  M.I.A.B.
Managing Director

Mr. Ferdous Ahmed
B. Arch.  M.I.A.B.

Mr. Shahidul Hasan Azad
B. Arch.  M.I.A.B.

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Background Information

Through the ages it is the dream and desire of mankind to make this world a better and congenial habitat. In the process the History is replete with rise & fall of magnificent civilization and their passing into oblivion, left behind are relic of contemplation. This is an endless pursuit to put forward knowledge and ingenuity and to keep up the progress of civilization. Now in the last laps of this century the progress of civilization has reached almost to its comprehensive zenith, particularly achievements in science and technology. The benefits out of this phenomenal growth of science and technology has improved the quality of living in many of the countries in the world, but e in our country could derive very little benefit our of this technological breakthrough. But application of this knowledge and expertise is very essential for us. Our’s is a country which ranks top among the poorest countries in the world, we live the highest density of population, alarming birth rate, encompassing illiteracy and appalling poverty. These all are leading us to the dead-end of survival, there being no light at the end of the tunnel. With this backdrop in view it is imperative to all of us in the country belonging to different professions to contribute our knowledge, toil and sweat to make country’s journey to life and prosperity. With this idea and dedication in mind, we a group of people belonging to broad disciplines have come together under the banner of PROKLPA UPODESHTA LIMITED to render services to the country. Our scope of services also extend overseas.

Staff Resources

Prokalpa Upodeshta Limited has permanent staff in the following field of expertise
Field of Expertise No. of Staff
Architect 5
Planner 1
Civil Engineer 6
Design Engineer (Civil) 2
Design Engineer (Elect.) 2
Electrical Engineer 5
Design Engineer (Mech.) 2
Acoustic/Sound System design Engineer 4
Documentation Engineer 3
Sanitary, Water Supply & Plumbing Engineer 2
Hydrologist 3
Cost Estimator 3
Site Engineers 11
Site Supervisors 38
Material Technician 4
Draftsman 5
Surveyors/Survey Assistant 10
AutoCAD/Computer Operator 5
Administrative/Accounts 5
Others 12

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Office Location

The firm has its head office at House No. 3/6, Block - B, Lalmatia, Dhaka having a floor area of 5,000 Square ft.

In addition PUL has regional offices in Faridpur, Naogaon, Chandpur and Sherpur.
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House 3/6, Block B, Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-9117689, 8111486, 9126909, 9129823 · Fax: 880-2-8116653